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About me…

Lukilu Handmade started as a dream of a mother who always loved crafts. I had been thinking for a long time about how to combine family life with work. After about 20 years sewing for herself and close friends, she decided to put all her love and experience into creating products that would make life easier for so many mommies and daddies and with a lot of style.

Hello! I am Marijana, with the arrival of my son, my happiness and my problems increased in equal parts. There was no way I could spend enough time with my son and still be in my old job. I looked for a long time something that I can do from my own home and be here when my son needs me. It all started with a gift made by me for one of my best friends. It was a crib set and since they liked it so much I started doing many more things. They are products that I always wanted to have, but I couldn’t find them anywhere in the market. For my son, I needed to make do with the things that were in the stores because I didn’t have time to do it for us, but now you can all design it as you like and we will fulfill your wishes.

This is how Lukilu Handmade was born: a place where dreams come true. Who does not dream of being the best example for their children? Who does not dream of making this world a better place? Welcome to my dream!

At Lukilu Handmade we innovate and create very practical and beautiful items. The most interesting thing is that the client can participate in the design of each article created for them.

In addition, we constantly seek solutions to make motherhood more practical. This is how we created cuckoo/nest as a safe and comfortable environment for babies and for longer sleep and much-needed rest for mommies and daddies. And also the diaper and wipes holder to have everything at hand anywhere. And don’t miss out on our document holders, blankets, travel changing mats, toiletry bags, storage baskets and much more.

We want the best for our children, so each item is carefully created with the best fabrics and padding found on the market.

Made in Spain with great care by mothers for mothers who seek the best for their children.

Join us and design your dreams!