What can I use the Lukilu Handmade nest for?




One of the most frequent comments we receive from our clients is “You don’t know you need it until you have one.” There are so many different ways to use our nest that every family seems to find their favorite way. Below you can find some examples of how to use your own Lukilu Handmade nest.


1. TIME FOR YOU – Most importantly, take care of yourself when your baby is resting in his nest. As they say “Happy mom, happy baby.” Imagine for a moment that those mountains of dishes and dirty clothes do not exist and allow yourself a whim to read a magazine with a soda or whatever you feel like.


2. EXERCISE – Why not get those endorphins blasting? And if it seems impossible at first, you know that you will feel much better after this. There’s a reason they’re called happiness hormones. If you are not a yoga pro, you can start by doing a few push-ups on top of your baby in the nest and give your little one a kiss on the belly every time you go down to the bottom.

3. BABY GYM – When you have done your exercises it will be more than fair that your little one does it too. Place the nest below a gym baby and watch as it develops by looking, reaching for the hanging toys and hugging them.

4. TRAVEL – When you go on a trip, you will most likely spend time in different places where your little one will need their naps. For example: airport, on the plane, in the pool and in the rooms of different hotels. All of these sites have different smells and textures that will most likely interfere with your baby’s sleep. That’s why let your little one rest in the same place he’s always used to, no matter where you are. This with our nest is very easy since it weighs almost nothing and carries its prtransport bag that protects it from dirt during the trip.

5. BEACH – Who doesn’t enjoy a day at the beach? If you are one of those, your little one will surely enjoy it too. But all that fresh air and so many new impressions will tire you and you will need to take a nap. But don’t worry, you won’t need to go home, leave your little one to rest in the nest and you can continue enjoying your day at the beach.

6. HOUSEWORK – We would like that housework does not exist in the life of a new mother, but we have not yet gotten the law to prohibit that. So you have to try to turn some of those moments into relaxing activities. Work folding laundry while your little one is resting in the nest lying right next to you.

7. FAMILY MOMENTS – Put the nest on top of a blanket or rug on the floor of the living room near all of you and so everyone can have a moment of togetherness with the new family member. Read a book, have a conversation or sing with the little one in his nest. Keep an eye on older children because they tend to get very excited when they are playing with the newborn. 🙂

8. TUMMY TIME – Place your baby on their tummy inside the nest for supervised moments of strengthening their neck and shoulders. These exercises serve to stimulate the development of the neck and trunk muscles and prevent skull deformities. If the little one needs a little help at first, place it above the head of the nest for a little extra help.

9. WORK – I’m sure you’ve already learned that many things can be done with one hand – putting toothpaste on the brush, preparing food, dressing your older child… but with two hands everything is usually more efficient. Put your baby in the nest as long as you do a great job! It may be that you are starting your own business or negotiated to work from home a couple of days of the week, it does not matter the reason but you want the time you dedicate to it to be as efficient as possible so that you can remove that from your to-do list .

10. NUTRITION – Make sure you are taking good care of yourself so you have the energy to take care of your precious baby. That’s a 24 hour job. Fill your batteries with healthy food and snacks that usually take a while to prepare while your little one is placed next to you inside his nest in the kitchen (on the table, on the kitchen island or similar places) . I’m sure you’ll feel much better having your little one by your side.