Round padded rug made to your liking

36,95 VAT included

It can be ordered reversible. It cannot be made from waffle fabrics.

Measurement: 100 cm in diameter and 2 cm thick.

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Write here the number of the fabric with which you want this item to be made. If you want this article to have two different sides, also write the number of the second fabric. You can find the fabrics in the photo gallery of this article.

Product price: 36,95 VAT included
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Perfecto para utilizarlo como la alfombra de juegos junto con nuestro gimnasio de madera.


  • La tela a tu elección
  • Material: 100 % algodón, relleno guata.
  • Medidas: 100 cm diámetro y 2 cm de grosor
  • Se puede pedir con dos caras diferentes
  • Lavable en la lavadora
  • Se utiliza como alfombra o colchón de juego




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